Increase Your Fremont Home Value the most for less!

Increase the value of your Fremont Home:

Curb Appeal is the first thing a Buyer will look at and either stay or drive away!

Tip 1:

Curb Appeal First impressions count. Similar to a fresh coat of paint for a room, a yard that has the grass cut nicely goes a long way. Walk outside and look at your front yard and the front of the home. Does the front of the house need paint or residing? Are there any broken windows or shutters that need repair? Does the yard need cleaning? You do not need to hire a landscape architect, but you want to make sure that your yard looks clean and nice. Be sure to pick up any items in the yard, position trash bins so that they are not visible from the street and any other general cleaning / maintenance that might be needed. If you need information for a someone that does this type of work, let me know and I can send you a couple of names.

TIP Two:

Declutter If you are thinking about selling within the next year, start this now. I have seen buyers walk through homes that have too much stuff everywhere and comment to me that it just looks messy. When a buyer thinks a home is messy, they figure that there are other problems with the home as well even if there is not! This is something that even I deal with sometimes as we just get so ‘used to things’ laying around that we do not even see them anymore. They almost become invisible! Do decluttering in two stages. If you need any other resources for home selling tips, log on to our website and read our blogs~

Increase Your Fremont Home Value For Less

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