Living In Fremont

Living in Fremont CA

Real Estate in Fremont

When you are looking at condos for sale in Fremont, you’ll notice that the city offers a variety of price ranges and options for families with children, couples and single adults. The real estate market here is fairly competitive, but with the help of a professional agent, we know we can find you the perfect home. You’ll find homes in this area with a wide price range including single family homes priced in the low to mid $300,000 range all the way up to million dollar estates. No matter what your needs are; there is a place for

you in Fremont California.


Fremont Unified School District:

School District-California schools are ranked based on API scores. The scores essentially measure how well students are doing on standardized tests. The scores help determine if the schools qualify for education awards or need additional support. The scores rank from 200 to 1000. No school in the Fremont Unified School District ranked under a 700 and the vast majority of the schools tested in the mid-800s to the high 900s. This is a sign that the schools are doing well to meet state and national standards in education.
In addition to an excellent public school district, residents here have easy access to several private schools and universities. Students of all ages will benefit from the excellent educational resources available in California’s 15th largest city.


Parks and Recreation

California is famous for the moderate temperatures. When you purchase Fremont Real Estate, you can take advantage of the beautiful weather at a variety of parks, preserves and recreation areas. Some of the most popular recreation sites in the area include the Niles Canyon Railway, Coyote Hills Regional Park, Lake Elizabeth and Mission Peak Regional Preserve. You can take hikes, enjoy excellent views, have a picnic and participate in a variety of activities like swimming, fishing and boating.

Whether you are in the mood to hit the trails for a weekend hike or hit a local splash pad with the little ones, there are plenty of public recreation options including pools, recreation centers, several public libraries and a host of community events held throughout the year.

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