Helpful Tips to Declutter your Home!

Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes with the stuff in your home? Do you start cleaning on the weekends but never seem to get anything done? Clutter can slowly creep over your home and your mind, but there are many tricks and small projects you can do so that you to help enjoy the space of your home, which is the most important place to make memories that last forever. Here are some helpful tips from The Janki Patel Team!

  • Organize the paper in one place. We have a lot of paper–whether it be bills, mail, school and extracurricular activity handouts, coupons, and work files. Instead of having a lot of small piles for paper, have one designated area for it. Start small by making quick file folders in a file organizer. Leave these in the one designated place for easy access. After 6 months, recycle or shred that paper!

  • Give away one thing a day. By simply making the decision to donate or give away one item a day, this daily goal is not overwhelming, especially if you are sentimental with your belongings. And after a year, you will have gotten rid of 365 things! This small goal can make a huge difference over time and other people will be grateful for your generosity, which feels good at the end of the day.
  • KonMarie. This groundbreaking book from Japanese organization expert Marie Kondo has a simple philosophy: does this item bring you joy? If not, say goodbye and thank you for its service and move on. By organizing categories and not rooms, the decluttering process actually has a process.

We hope these tips from The Janki Patel Team are helpful to keep your home happy and stress-free.



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