Make Off-white your Go-to Color this Year!

Well, the votes are in and looks like the experts are predicting that off-white is in this year. Because white is the “colorless color”, it matches practically everything and can compliment or offset any accent color. Since off-white is so neutral, let your imagination run free if one of your projects this year is freshening up the walls of your house. And, doing updates such as fresh paint will help increase the value of your home!

Off-white in kitchen, especially used in cabinets, steers away from a somewhat sterile look of all-white cabinets with an inviting and warm look. Paired with a marble counter top or a fun back splash, this subtle color update will make worlds of difference.

As fun as color is, try using a neutral off-white and add pops of color with furniture, wall art or other decorations. With luscious lilacs or purples, or earthy tones like brown, mustard yellow or olive green, the possibilities to make it yours is endless.

Using off-white in a space such as a bathroom will help open up what might be a smaller room in the house. Depending on the type of cabinets used, off-white can help give a rustic or vintage look.

Pairing with colors like mint green, grey, or ocean blue can help with a calming and serene vibe. Or go bolder with splashes of reds to get in touch with your earthy side.

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We here at The Janki Patel Team know that you will find colors to make your home truly yours. If you are wondering how updating your look with a fresh coat of paint will help your home’s value, please don’t hesitate to contact for a free no obligation home valuation and we will help you every step of the way.

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Indoor Activities to do with the Kids!

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t have fun indoors with the kids! There are tons of activities to do with kids of all ages.


Foam Dough

Similar to play dough, foam dough is unique in the fact that it’s made from cornstarch and shaving cream. Add some color and its texture is fluffy, puffy and fun! Start with shaving cream, add food coloring or liquid water color. Then add cornstarch, roughly at the same ratio until you get the consistency you like!

Rainbow Foam Dough from Fun at Home with Kids

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Window Painting

Put away the paper and let the kids do something a little out of the ordinary–paint on the windows! It will let them feel like they are doing something different and exciting. You can use painter’s tape to create a border and by mixing a little dishsoap with the paint it will give it a stained glass look. If you are hesitant about having your kids paint on the windows, you can always put paint in gallon Ziploc bags and tape them to the windows for the same effect and no mess.

Window painting is a fun indoor activity for kids during rainy days

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Ball Pit

All you need is an inflatable kiddie pool, colored balls (that can be found at toy stores, online or stores like Target/Walmart) and ta-da–you have a ball pit! A great sensory activity, kids can make up their own games and this is also good for practicing color recognition, sorting and counting. When the weather warms up, just bring the pool outside and add water on a hot day!

build your own ball pit

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Balloon Hockey

With a couple laundry baskets, “hockey sticks” that can be pool noodles, plastic gold clubs or other items you may have lying around, and an odd number of balloons blown up, kids can keep active with balloon hockey. This is an excellent activity for focus, concentration and motor skills. Play with 2 kids or a team for more competition!

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Indoor Forts

Forts may be something you loved building as a kid, so show your little ones your favorite ways to make a fort! There is no right or wrong way–from using cardboard, pillows, blankets and sheets, furniture, stringed lights and flashlights the kids will can play make believe, have sleepovers and use their gift of imagination to pretend they are wherever they want to be!

indoor forts sq new

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All of us here at The Janki Patel Team hope you find inspiration to keep the kids busy and entertained indoors on these winter days!

Live Theater in Fremont, CA!

If you love live theater, there are some great local theaters in Fremont. No need to go to San Francisco or San Jose–some wonderful shows are right in our backyard!

Broadway West Theater Company

Broadway West Theater Company, located at 4000-B Bay St in the Irvington District, is a building you may have driven past many times. This small theater is very intimate and is featuring some great plays this year–including And Then There Were None (Agatha Christie), Barefoot in the Park (Neil Simon), A Few Good Men (Aaron Sorkin), Noises Off (Michael Frayn), Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde (adapted by Jeffrey Thatcher), and Miracle on 34th Street (adapted by Mountain Community Theater). And Then There Were None will be running January 15 – February 13.

Starting their 20th season, there are 6 wonderful plays to be enjoyed this year and members get discounted pricing.

Made Up Theatre 

If you are a fan of improv or stand up comedy, Made Up Theatre located at 3392 Seldon Ct in Fremont of Osgood Rd is a perfect place to spend your Friday and Saturday nights for a good laugh. Located in a business area, there are many signs to help guide you through the warehouses and to the theater!

On Friday nights, Made Up Theatre features a Friday Night Showcase, where two actors engage in a “Whose Line is it Anyway” type performance that uses audience suggestions.

 - Friday Night Showcase

On Saturday nights at 7pm, the Laugh Track City touring group performs a improv show also similar to “Whose Line is it Anyway”.  On Saturday nights at 9pm, the 5 Play performs a show focusing on human relationships, based on suggestions from the audience. Past goers rave about the hilarity of the improv show, and tickets are FREE!

This hidden gem of a theater also offers improv classes, team building workshops and also performs at corporate events.

All of us at The Janki Patel Team hope that you enjoy these live theater suggestions and choose to visit one of the venues soon!



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