Wine Tasting near Fremont, CA!

One of the best parts about living in the Bay Area is the wonderful wineries throughout the area! If you live in or near Fremont, Livermore is a short trip away and features many wonderful wineries to experience.

Elliston Vineyards

This beautiful winery in the hills of Sunol is a lovely, picturesque location to go wine tasting, have a picnic, or get married! Located at 463 Kilkare Road in Sunol, the historic mansion and grounds are definitely something to take your time to explore and enjoy as you will feel far away from the busy areas you are close by to. What fun on a weekend to sample their delicious wines  and learn more about this historic winery!

Elliston Events

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Tenuta Vineyards

Located at 633 Kalthoff Common in Livermore, Tenuta Vineyards is a fun place to enjoy both wine and beer tasting. With a price point of $5 for 5 wines or $10 for 10 wines, you’re bound to find something you like–and they even customize wine labels so you can remember the day with your friends, family or loved ones!

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Fenestra Winery

This winery has a fun atmosphere with a barn and picnic tables and is a great place to spend part of your Saturday or Sunday with friends. Located at 83 Vallecitos Road in Livermore, it’s easily accessible from the Fremont area. With many different wines to choose from,  Fenestra also hosts many different events throughout the year that locals love attending–like the Spring Fling and Prelude to Christmas!

Fenestra Winery

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Now that Spring is almost here and the weather is warming up, we here at The Janki Patel Team hope you take advantage of living in such a beautiful area that offers some really great wineries! We’d love to hear which one is your favorite!


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